Atlantic CAN Capital

Together we CAN accomplish a successful transition

A local investor seeking an established business in Atlantic Canada

Seeking to acquire an established operating business in a services or distribution industry

We will develop a tailored solution to meet an owner entrepreneur's transition objectives.

We will ensure confidentiality throughout the process, an orderly transition and the future success of the business.

We build relationships based on trust, shared values with a long-term perspective.

Our Approach

Maritime Values - to uphold your legacy and build for the future

We bring a local perspective and nearly two decades of global experience. We look forward to working with a great team to ensure the continued success of the business in the region.

Our Strategy

To build on strong foundations

We are seeking a business where we CAN add value

Our private equity investment experience provides a unique perspective for mid-market firms in Atlantic Canada. As entrepreneurs with operations and finance experience, we will understand your business, assess value, develop a plan and execute a transaction with confidence. We are creative, flexible and highly motivated to work with owners that have built a proud legacy.

Creating value from opportunity

A unique partnership for an established operating business in the Maritimes


Benchmarking, update business plans, set targets, develop and grow the team.

Add value

Through strategic or operational realignment, professionalization, governance, risk mitigation, financial engineering.

Integrate expertise

Introduce operating partners and an independent advisory board.

Finding advantage

Entrepreneurial drive

We bring an entrepreneurial approach to build value. The combination of an established business’ profitable and sustainable infrastructure with the innovation and drive of an entrepreneur is a winning recipe.

Finding advantage

Building on success

Existing businesses offer an inherent advantage with a profit-generating infrastructure, a pool of existing customers, an operational history, and experienced employees.

Finding advantage

Achieving growth

Identifying the right established business is a better way to success. We will bring a new perspective, ideas and growth capital to a platform to pursue growth opportunities, including new markets.


About us

Experience you can depend on

Atlantic CAN Capital brings a local perspective with global expertise and a successful track record of value creation. We have the expertise, commitment and resources to accomplish a successful transaction. Derek is based in Moncton with advisors and investors across the region and beyond.

Derek Smith


Over 15 years of investment banking and private equity investment experience in Canada & the UK. Diverse sector experience with a successful early entrepreneurial track record across Canada. Recent professional experience in global capital markets across Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. A demonstrated ability to establish effective strategic and operational priorities with a commitment to excellence. Acadia University (BBA with Computer Science) and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Various community roles and boards, including Acadia University’s recent successful $75 million Capital Campaign.

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